Thursday, 25 June 2009

Road signs

There must be a million examples of crazy road signs but I think the following is completely bonkers.
There are several around but in particular Inglewood Road exiting into Mayplace Road (by Phoenix Football ground)

Big sign in tree-lined, grass verged Inglewood Road: Caution New Road layout (or something along those lines).

Apart from the fact that everyone using Inglewood Road have got the idea of a minor road joining a Main Road at a T-junction and the fact that the middle section of the junction has been raised by the use of sleeping policeman what use is the warning.
Believe it or not it is a relatively dangerous junction with vehicles coming from Barnehurst appearing at a relatively high speed around a blind bend but I fail to see the point of this sign.

Speed cameras

There was a brilliant idea (well brilliant for a local authority, anyway) involving speed cameras. The particular camera is located on Gravel Hill, Bexleyheath. You know the one as you come away from the High Street and the usual congestion of multiple traffic lights into a relatively good stretch of road down the steepish incline of Gravel Hill. Even on a push-bike your speed would naturally edge over the 30mph limit. The camera appears to have been placed with these facts in mind and an obvious revenue producer.
Anyone a few months ago (maybe longer) a solar powered (I think) speed indicator was installed about 100 yards or so before the camera. Now that, I thought was a brilliant idea. Why is this not adopted elsewhere?
Today I realised why. Proceeding down Gravel Hill last night I noticed that the speed indicator is no longer working! Lack of sun-power? In June?
Again it just indicates that the only reason for its installation appears to be to provide employment for a few council workmen and sales for the equioment manufacturer.
What a shame!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Media training for politicians- how not to answer the question

Hi there! Yes it's Wat here. Sorry no posts for a bit but I've been resting. Now what prompted me to post was something I heard on Radio 4 tonight- yes I can receive radio signals down 'ere. There was a repeat clip of an interview between John Humphries (yes, him again ) and a Tory politician. Humphries asked him if the Tories would make the same cuts as the Labour Gov't (something like that) and the interviewee would not give a straight answer. Maybe he did eventually I am not sure. It seems that interviewers are now being tougher on politicians due, presumably because they are somewhat weekened (and considered fair game) by the "expenses for MPs fiasco). Why now, I ask? anyway then Humphries interviewed a "interviewee training expert"!!! His job, apparently was to teach politicians how to skillfully evade answering questions. What is the world coming to??
In my last post I mentioned Vanessa Feltz and her excellent interviewing of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Recently she interviewed Caroline Flint and really made her squirm. The following day Flint resigned from the Gov't (not because of Vanessa!). As I said why can't the establishment interviewers, like Humphries get tough with these politicians and either get a straight answer or not interview them? You might say thene they would not agree to be interviwed and we would loose what little contact we have with our politicians. But would that be a bad thing?
Good on you Vanessa, I love you!!