Thursday, 19 March 2009

Vanessa Feltz and Boris

Not sure I completely like Vanessa's style but I am warming (if you read the blog you will get the irony) to her. Vanessa, on BBC London in the morning, was interviewing Boris Johnson (mayor of London) the other day. OK, so I wasn't listening that attentively, but I think it was during a conversation about the 2-3 day snow blizzards a few weeks ago and the unproportionate effect it had on the Capital's transport system. Firstly Boris spluttered on about x% of bus drivers turning up for work. Vanessa said 'yes, she'd seen them on the telly with their feet up reading newspapers and drinking coffee' or words to that effect.
Then Boris started waffling on about comparisons with New York!!
Instead of listening respectfully, Vanessa completely dissed him and started talking about another subject! That's the way to treat politicians when they start talking rubbish. Take note John Humphries (Radio4).
Why do they (radio presenters) let politicians waste valuable airtime talking utter rubbish. Why not just tell them bluntly to cut the cra*. If they refuse to come back in the future, good riddance. Sometimes the presenter asks the politician maybe three times for a straight answer to a straight question. And three times the politician will give a lengthy, evasive answer. If he or she is interupted during these answers, especially the third one, he/she will say firmly "with respect, John, I am trying to answer your question" or "with respect, John, if you let me just finish". Why not just close the interview if they will not answer truthfully??

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