Thursday, 11 June 2009

Media training for politicians- how not to answer the question

Hi there! Yes it's Wat here. Sorry no posts for a bit but I've been resting. Now what prompted me to post was something I heard on Radio 4 tonight- yes I can receive radio signals down 'ere. There was a repeat clip of an interview between John Humphries (yes, him again ) and a Tory politician. Humphries asked him if the Tories would make the same cuts as the Labour Gov't (something like that) and the interviewee would not give a straight answer. Maybe he did eventually I am not sure. It seems that interviewers are now being tougher on politicians due, presumably because they are somewhat weekened (and considered fair game) by the "expenses for MPs fiasco). Why now, I ask? anyway then Humphries interviewed a "interviewee training expert"!!! His job, apparently was to teach politicians how to skillfully evade answering questions. What is the world coming to??
In my last post I mentioned Vanessa Feltz and her excellent interviewing of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Recently she interviewed Caroline Flint and really made her squirm. The following day Flint resigned from the Gov't (not because of Vanessa!). As I said why can't the establishment interviewers, like Humphries get tough with these politicians and either get a straight answer or not interview them? You might say thene they would not agree to be interviwed and we would loose what little contact we have with our politicians. But would that be a bad thing?
Good on you Vanessa, I love you!!

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  1. I agree. I've always admired tough talking Mrs Feltz myself!